​​​​This is a letter exchange between Roger and René:


Letter from Roger to René:

February 18, 1930

Reims, Tuesday 6pm

A word in haste, my dear Nath, this is urgent and important.
I hope your foot injury does not immobilize you or if so you would have warned me.
I ask you:
1) keep me informed regarding Dickie*

2) to meet with Leon Wednesday or Thursday regarding the arrangements of the Bonaparte Street;
3) to find me on Friday at 11 pm in the usual cafe near the East Station with the money needed for two days. (This is disastrous, I am forced to return because it reproduces exactly the same story as before through the beautiful gentle dada.** It is absolutely ridiculous. On Friday I will not have a penny, nothing.)

If you could borrow to take care of this for me before my return this would be perfect. If not I will have to get it from you yourself. And this is very painful to me. Do your best to avoid that. In all, this Friday night you will be my last resort. Think about it.
4) Excuse me to go to Sima. I hope everything works from that side. Think of arranging things so that the No. 3 Grand Game, and if possible our complete works are available at Powolowsky on the opening day .***
Which of course I will attend. I hope that the invitations did not require me. (Remember Caillois, the Surrealists, etc.).

5) Do not bring Dickie Friday night because, in this case, we could talk of nothing in his presence and it would be calamitous.
I'm completely dazed. I thought when starting my rest to be able to remain quiet here as long as it would seem good. Here I am again hounded as always.

Write me, or telegraph me to reassure me if there was anything new.

At most, I wish to go anyway to Paris for the opening of Sima, but maybe I will return the next day in Reims.

I still hope to work here and always be troublemakers .....

To you.

R. Gilbert-Lecomte

*Dickie was a girlfriend of Roger

** Dada is a nickname for Roger Vailland

*** This is the exhibition Sima, "The Enigma of the Face", presented by le Grand Jeu to the gallery Povlovski, Bonaparte Street, in February 1930, which included a catalog with a preface by Gilbert-Lecomte.

(Original letter from Correspondance by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, translated by rogergilbertlecomte.com)

Letter from René to Roger:

28th day of the 9th moon

My dear Participle, 

After consultation yesterday evening among L.P.Q., André, Delons, Daumal, Nathaniel and me, some provisions were made for the security of our enterprises. Where you're concerned, we have delegated me to inform you. The primary practical and immediate consequence is that it would be extremely useful if you were to prolong your stay in Rheims until Monday or Tuesday. Weighing one thing against another, the Šima exhibition hardly moves the scale. In any event, everything must take place as if you were returning only on Tuesday. Of which we'll speak. This is not resulting from new events we've undergone, but from reflections, deliberations, events we've brought about. Fine. I don't think it will bother your parents if I come to see you Thursday  - I would come, insofar as the trains allow, toward the beginning of the afternoon and leave again by evening. Is that all right? I'll let you know the exact times soon. Or if this isn't possible, let me know.

Androville is in Paris again for more than a week, I think. He is taking examinations but no longer taking Camille.

I now understand completely what a Date it was when Alexandre de Salzmann uttered the phrase: "I must get to know those fellows." He is suffocatingly clairvoyant  and crushingly good. I believe he is working for us behind the scenes in ways we cannot even suspect.

 Non-dually yours,

 and please remember me to your parents.

(Excerpt from Letters on the Search for Awakening by René Daumal. translated by Gabriela Ansari and Roger Lipsey, published by Dolmen Meadow Editions)


​​Roger Gilbert-Lecomte