​​Roger Gilbert-Lecomte

​​​​​These are a selection of books by or about Roger Gilbert-Lecomte or Rene Daumal. 

Books used as resources for this site:

Daumal, René. Letters on the Search for Awakening, 1930-1944. Trans. Gabriela Ansari and Roger Lipsey. Toronto: Dolmen Meadow Editions, 2010.

Daumal, René. Mount Analogue. Trans. Carol Cosman. New York: Tusk Ivories. 2004.

Gilbert-Lecomte, Roger. Testament. France: Gallimard, 1955.

Gilbert-Lecomte, Roger. Correspondance. Paris: Gallimard, 1971.

Gilbert-Lecomte, Roger. Black Mirror Trans. David Rattray. Barrytown, NY: Station Hill Press, Inc. 1991

Gilbert-Lecomte, Roger. Mes chers petits Eternels...Ed. Patrice Thierry. Perpignan: L'Ether Vague. 1992

Needleman, Jacob, ed. The Inner Journey: Views from the Gurdjieff Work. Sandpoint, Idaho: Morning Light Press. 2008

Patterson, William Patrick. Voices in the Dark. Ed. Barbara Allen Patterson. Fairfax: Arete Communications. 2000.

Powrie, Phil. René Daumal and Roger Gilbert-Lecomte: a bibliography. London: Grant & Cutler Ltd. 1988.(this is a tremendous resource, a compilation reference of all the publications by or about René Daumal, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte and Le Grand Jeu)

Rosenblatt, Kathleen Ferrick. René Daumal: The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide.Albany: State University of New York Press. 1999


All of the drawings on this site were done by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte