*Timeline material from Black Mirror and Rene Daumal: The Life and Work of a Mystic Guide

​​1907 Roger Gilbert-Lecomte is born in Reims, France on the 18th of May.

1920 RGL enters the lycée in Reims.

1921 RGL starts writing poems. He starts a magazine called Apollo with schoolmates. RGL is the editor-in-chief.

1922 RGL meets René Daumal when René moves to Reims and enters the lycée there at 14.

1923 Les Phères Simplistes is formed. Their goal is to reach the simplicity and intuitiveness of childhood.

1924 Les Simplistes experiment with out-of-body experiences, including meeting in planned dreams, and explore automatic writing and intoxicated mind states.

1925 René and RGL experiment with carbon tetrachloride. René begins studying Sanskrit.

1926 RGL begins studying medicine, meets Léon Pierre-Quint, visits Paris, and meets Joseph Sima.

1927 They participate in experiments with extraretinal vision at René Maublanc's apartment. RGL attends medical school in Reims. Le Grand Jeu is founded.

1928 In March Le Grand Jeu No. 1 publication comes out. RGL travels to Algiers in North Africa to give a lecture on Le Grand Jeu. He subsequently changes his name from Roger Lecomte to Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.

1929 Le Grand Jeu No. 2 comes out in March.

1930 Surrealists attempt to have RGL and René join them. Le Grand Jeu refuses. René and Vera get together. Le Grand Jeu No.3 comes out.

1931 Le Grand Jeu No. 4 is prepared for the printers but is not released after all. Sept, René and Vera take RGL in to try to help him overcome the drug addiction, but to no avail. RGL is hospitalized in October and then to his mother in Reims.
1932 Le Grand Jeu falls apart. René had moved on to Mr. Gurdjieff's Work and the others did not follow him. RGL recovers from his illness in the spring. He wrote most of the poems that would appear in La Vie l'Amour la Mort le Vide et le Vent  this year. René goes to New York and works for the Hindu dance troupe. RGL gives a lecture at Sorbonne "The Metamorphoses of Poetry." RGL joins the Association of Revolutionary Artists and Writers.

1933 La Vie l'Amour la Mort le Vide et le Vent is published. RGL's mother dies.  René returns from New York. 
1934 René breaks off his friendship with RGL. Antonin Artaud's review of La Vie l'Amour la Mort le Vide et le Ventappears in the Nouvelle Revue Française.
1935 RGL living on rue Friant, on the outskirts of Paris.

1937 René's A Night of Serious Drinking, a fictionalized account of the Le Grand Jeu period, is published. Le Miroir Noirby RGL is published by Editions Sagesse.
1938 RGL begins a close friendship with Arthur Adamov.

1939 RGL moves into a hotel on rue des Canettes near Saint-Germaine-des-Prés; then to rue Bardinet. 

1940 René and Vera marry and move to Marseille. RGL is found by Mme. Firmat unconscious in the street. She allows him to live in the backroom of her bar until his death.

1942 Nouvelle Revue Française publishes two poems by RGL as well as a his review of Jouhandeau. 

1943 Roger Gilbert-Lecomte dies December 31 in Paris, France in a hospital bed from tetanus caused by a needle through dirty trousers. All he owned was in a small briefcase in the room where he had been living. It contained letters, writings and poems.

​​Roger Gilbert-Lecomte